A team from Kansas State University established in late of 2017 to compete in AEI Student Competition to unite the team’s members, we needed a brand that everyone in the team can relate to.  Purple is the color of KSU. We can all relate to that color. In other words, we are a shed of purple.​​​​​​​

“we are a shed of purple” – Waleed Alharbi​​​​​​​

There are a lot of sheds for purple, but which shed better suite our identity. We are a team rich in knowledge, who believe of the power of collective minds. Tyrian purple a color of royalty and ambitious.

Griffin is sign of power. We are the source of Tyrian purple, a source of the vision. We are Murex, a shed of purple. Rich in knowledge and powerful as a team, such a royal name needed a royal logo. Inspired by fragment from an 11th-century Byzantine robe shows griffins embroidered on a delicate silk woven of murex-dyed threads.